Products and Services

Trade & Retail Paints
Quality brands such as Porter’s, Haymes, Acryloc etc.

Industrial & Domestic Timber Coatings Including stains, precatalysed & acid curing lacquers, polyurethane, polyester, glass, metallic & specialty sprayable and hand applied coatings. We also stock a range of environmentally friendly waterbased stains, lacquers & polyurethane.

We specialise in Mirotone Coatings
100% Australian owned and Australian made. COLOUR MATCHING ON SITE

Timber Maintenance & Repair Systems - cleaners, waxes, putty’s, wax sticks & stain pens for scratch repair.

Polycure Floor Coatings and Maintenance systems - We stock the full range for residential & commercial flooring, sports floors & decking.

Industrial Coatings & Renders - for concrete floors, paving paints, renders & building supplies specializing in Acryloc products.etc

Paint Accessories - Brushes, rollers, roller frames, paint trays, drop sheets, extension poles, cans, paint buckets, mixers, you name it, we’ve got it. Brands such as Uni-Pro, Omega & Sequence.

Abrasives - Discs, sheets, belts, sandpaper, steel wool, for various surfaces. Brands such as Klingspor, Velocity, Abrasiflex and our own branded quality discs.
Spray Equipment Sales - brands such as Star, DeVilbiss, Velocity including parts.

Buffing Equipment & Compounds

Aerosols - We custom make a variety of aerosols. Nitrocellulose pigmented colour. Clear Lacquers. Stain. Toners & Enamels.

Spray Equipment Sales - brands such as Star, DeVilbiss, Velocity including parts.

OHS Equipment - masks, gloves, hand wash.

Sprayshop Consumables - Spraybooth Filters, Overalls, Mixing Cups, Gun Cleaning Kits, Can pourers etc.


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